The 5th Support group meeting was another enjoyable and very informative meeting. Our guest last night was John Harrington DC MS who spoke to us about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy and how sugar intake is something patients with tumors need to limit. We sampled some smoothie shakes made with great super foods and discussed types of diets.



Tom Wood from ANS announced the launch of speaking of hope an online blog and forum for anyone suffering from a brain tumor. This great resource keeps the group connected at all times but allows anyone to join this group and continue to support one another. DR Zampella attended this meeting and gave some great advice on his views of nutrition and keeping a positive attitude. Thanks to all that attended and see you next month for the Picnic. This will take place outside of the building and we will be having a BBQ , music and fun and games. Come relax and have fun with your friends here at the group.

Enjoy the pictures !!!!!!!

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